Welcome to CrossFit Basic. Utilizing the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition, we strive to bring the reality of elite levels of fitness to the masses. Special forces, expecting mothers, collegiate athletes, military members, business executives, police officers, grandmothers and grandfathers, fire fighters, high school athletes, and regular folks like you and I, have all walked through our doors and have been positively impacted by our training regimen.

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Top 5 Facts About Quick Weight Loss

By: Aaron White

Top 5 facts about quick weight loss, Eliminate carbs, specifically wheat and sugar including fruit & dairy Maximize lean meat in each meal Have fat in each meal Eat roughly 13 cal per pound of …Read More

Why Is Strength Training Important

By: Joe Defranco

Why Is Strength Training Important By: Joe Defranco The improvement of performance in athletics over the past few years has been phenomenal. For example, twenty years ago the average football lineman weighed 250 pounds …Read More